Procook’s Healthy Fruit Lolly Recipe

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Many of us are more active during the summer as we make the most of the warmer temperatures and head to the beach, take day trips to the park and potter in our gardens. Snacking is often a part of such days as we look for something quick to refuel ourselves to fill the gap between meals but reaching for something unhealthy isn’t always the best answer. So we’re pulling together some of our favourite healthy snack choices to help you choose tasty yet nutritious treats this summer with healthy fruit lollies popular with children and adults alike.

Great for a colourful and fun way to help get in your 5-a-day, fruit lollies are simple to make and truly refreshing. All you need to do is chop up some of your favourite fruits and place into a lolly mould before topping with fruit juices or your favourite yoghurt. Pop them into the freezer to set and when they’re ready to eat quickly dip the lolly mould into warm water to help release your lollies.
For an adult take on the summertime classic, why not try making your favourite cocktail into a lolly? Gin and Tonic and Pimms are popular choices, just remember that alcohol doesn’t freeze so don’t be tempted to put in more than your recipe calls for or your ice lollies won’t set.
All you need is a lolly mould, jug and jigger, why not call into Procook today?