Woof, woof! Dogs are welcome in our centre’s outside areas and in selected stores.

Lakeside Village is a dog-friendly site with dog refuelling station including dog bowls available throughout the site.

And for those dapper doggies we’ve got Trespaws, their very own range of dog coats and accessories available in Trespass.

Look out for the coloured paw stickers in store windows before entering stores.

Green paw sticker = Your pooches are very welcome in this store.
Blue paw sticker = Only assistance pooches are welcome in this store.

Trespaws, (from Trespass) are passionate about the outdoors and believe that beloved dogs should be part of every adventure their human goes on. Their carefully designed range of technical performance dog coats and accessories enable just that, ensuring no matter where your next adventure takes you, your dog can go too. Find the collection in store at Trespass.