Face covering FAQs

Tuesday 21st July 2020

From 24 July 2020 it becomes the law for all customers in shops and supermarkets to wear a face covering. Here at Lakeside Village, we are following the rules to keep our customers and staff safe. There are exceptions to wearing a face covering such as medical conditions and we recommend visiting the Government website for the latest full advice which you can find here.
What counts as a face covering?
A face covering should:

  • Cover your nose and mouth while allowing you to breathe comfortably
  • Fit comfortably but securely against the side of the face
  • Be secured to the head with ties or ear loops
  • Be made of a material that you find to be comfortable and breathable, such as cotton
  • Ideally include at least two layers of fabric (the World Health Organisation recommends three depending on the fabric used)
  • Unless disposable, it should be able to be washed with other items of laundry according to fabric washing instructions and dried without causing the face-covering to be damaged.

Do I have to wear it outside on the mall?
As Lakeside Village is an outdoor mall, customers do not need to wear a face-covering when outside. It is only required when they visit stores and the indoor areas.
Do my children have to wear one?
Those under 11 years of age do not have to wear face-coverings.
Where can I buy one from?
You can buy a face covering from the following retailers at Lakeside Village: Hallmark, Gap, Clare’s, Cook N Dine, Double Two and Grape Tree. There is also a PPE vending machine located near Clark’s shoe shop
Do I have to wear one going to the toilets, ATM, guest services area?
Yes, face coverings must be worn in indoor areas at the centre, too.
My elderly relative can’t wear one, what do I do?
Please visit the Government website for full advice. There are exceptions to wearing a face covering.
Why aren’t the shop staff wearing one?
Retail staff do not need to wear face coverings, although the Government advises that shops should consider them for their staff where appropriate and or put other measures in place such as screens.
Do we have to wear one in the outside play area?
No, face-covering don’t have to be worn in the outdoor play area. Although, we do recommend washing your hands or sanitising after visiting the area.
 How can I wear this and eat my food and drink?
Customers will be allowed to remove their face covering if it is ‘reasonably necessary’ to eat or drink.
Will I be arrested if I don’t wear a covering and what is the fine?
Under the new rules, people who do not wear a face-covering could face a fine of up to £100. The liability for wearing face-covering lies with the individual. Should an individual without an exemption refuse to wear a face covering, a shop can refuse them entry and call the police if people refuse to comply, the police have the formal enforcement powers and can issue a fine.
 I am only going to be two minutes in the shop do I still have to wear one?
Yes, a face covering must be worn before entering any shop, no matter how long you will be.
I rely on lip reading for communication, what do I do?
If shopping and speaking with people who rely on lip reading, facial expressions and clear sound, it is reasonable to remove your face covering to help with communication.