New! Limited Edition Latte+ Drinks Range Launched

Monday 10th January 2022

With VEGANuary upon us and many looking to swap to a diary alternative, Costa Coffee has created the range for you. Putting a twist on the classic latte the Latte+ range includes three drinks that are not only vegan friendly but are deliciously flavoured and contain dairy-alternative option but also includes added sources of either vitamin B12 and Zinc or protein.

The Caramel Oat Latte+ – A delightful take on the signature classic with that extra hint of sweetness to brighten up any January morning. Made with oat diary alternative this drink is crafted using a delicious rich caramel syrup, with added sources of vitamin B12 and Zinc

The Vanilla Coconut Latte+ – All the best bits of the classic latte with a Coconut twist. A delicious vanilla syrup combines with a coconut dairy alternative to bring you a little taste of paradise in every sip. And that’s not all, every mouthful contains B12 and Zinc.

The Hazelnut Almond Latte+ – This smooth nutty tasting drink blends the light creaminess of an almond diary alternative with an indulgent roasted hazelnut syrup with an added portion of protein.