Team Lakeside do their bit with vaccination volunteering drive

Thursday 25th February 2021

During the challenges of the pandemic, the unsung heroes and key workers have been in our thoughts. In addition, there have also been so many brave volunteers offering a helping hand in a different capacity, especially at vaccination centres recently.
We’re proud to say two members of staff at Lakeside Village, deputy centre manager Lyndsey Parry and marketing manager Abby Chandler, have been among those volunteers.
Lyndsey and Abby have been volunteering at one clinic a week, after being keen to help.
Lyndsey said: “I wanted to feel I was helping somehow with this pandemic and doing my bit, even if just a few hours a week, it all helps. It’s been such a tough year for everyone.”
Abby added: “Volunteering makes me feel like I’ve helped the cause in some small way. It helps with my mental health, gets me out of the house and I feel appreciated for helping in this way.”
While at the clinic, both Lyndsey and Abby have been enjoying hearing the stories of the people walking through the doors to receive their vaccination, especially during a time where social interaction is so limited.
“I love getting to know all the others at the vaccine centre, from nurses, retired doctors, volunteer pharmacists, to all the other marshals like myself,” said Lyndsey.
“It’s great how everyone has pulled together and it’s lovely chatting to all the people coming for their vaccine – they are all really grateful to be receiving it. It’s wonderful to hear their stories.
Abby praised the community spirit at the vaccination centres, saying: “The camaraderie between the people working on the day, the vaccine teams (some who are working on their days off), volunteers and site staff is brilliant.
“It’s been brilliant getting to chat to lots of different people, particularly in the first few weeks where many of the older ones hadn’t been out since March last year.”
“For anyone who is considering volunteering, get involved!” said Lyndsey.
“It has been great to keep me busy and out of the house, even if it’s just once a week. It’s also very satisfying knowing that you have helped in some way.”

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash