Show kindness this Valentine’s Day

Thursday 11th February 2021

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Why not take the time to share a little kindness this Valentine’s Day? We’re not talking an extra dozen roses for your loved one or a bigger box of chocolates we’re talking about small gestures that will make a real difference to a neighbour, a family member or a dear friend.
Not everyone is in a relationship and sometimes days like Valentine’s Day can make people feel isolated. Some people chose to be on their own, for others they may have lost a partner or have separated and that can be tough at this time of year, and especially tough with the lockdown restrictions.
This Valentine’s Day we are going to think about who we can surprise with a little bit of kindness. Is there someone on your street who you know is alone, is there a family member that you’ve not spoken to for a while, are you missing a dear friend and know that they would benefit from knowing that someone cares?
Here’s a few ideas of what you could do to share a little kindness this Valentine’s Day.
#Take a bunch of daffodils to your neighbours
This is an inexpensive way to bring a smile to someone’s face. A lovely bunch of yellow sunshine to brighten up the day.
You could drop a bunch off, in a socially distanced way of course, and let them know that you are thinking of them.
#Write a letter to a friend
When did you last get a letter that wasn’t a bill or an official message from a business? How nice would it be to actually open an envelope and read a message from a friend? This really shows that you have taken the time to think about them and to get in touch. Yes, a text would be quicker, but a letter feels so much more thoughtful.
#Book a video call with a family member
For some of us video calls have become a way of life and we may feel zoomed or teamed out. But for others the only faces they may see are the delivery drivers dropping of their shopping.
This Sunday arrange to video call someone from your family or friends who would really benefit from seeing a friendly face.
#Send a book
If you’ve just read a great book why not share it rather than sticking in on a bookshelf or in a box. If you are a keeper of books make it clear that you are loaning it to someone because you thought they’d like it but that you’d like it back when they have finished. We’d love to get a book in the post or through the letterbox with a note to say, I read this and thought you’d like it. The gift or loan of a book is thoughtful and gives the receiver the chance to lose themselves in another world for a while.
#Sweet treats
Admit it, who doesn’t love a sweet treat? If you don’t think a bunch of daffys would work for your neighbour or your friend is not a big reader, we all know that a box of their favourite chocolates or even a box of biscuits will bring a smile to their face.
Share the kindness
We know that times are tough and we’re all feeling the affects of this lockdown, but this weekend try and think about someone you know who needs to know that someone cares. Go on, share the kindness.