Self care: Inspiring ideas to help you look after you

Tuesday 17th November 2020

We know how important it is to take care of your mind and body during this season, and so do our friends at Holland & Barrett, one of the essential stores that remains open at Lakeside Village. Here, they share some of their self-care best tips that will leave you feeling recharged.

What is self care?

Self care is something that we consciously do to take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.
For instance, how much ‘me time’ do you give yourself – if any? How often do you get to shut the bathroom door behind you for an hour and pamper yourself? How else do you treat yourself, if at all?
While this may sound like a simple concept, you’d be amazed at just how many of us overlook it. This can be because sometimes we’re too busy to think about it, or get stuck in our routines and put others’ need before our own.
But the habit of looking after yourself can flow throughout our lives in so many ways – from improving our mood and reducing anxiety to improving our relationships with others.

Four ways to ‘self care’

Physical care
This element of self care relates to the body and how we live, move and breathe. It can encompass our diet, how much water we drink and how regularly we exercise. Some ways you can tune into your physical care are appreciating your body, making sure you get plenty of rest and sleep and making sure you’re exercising to help manage stress.
Emotional care
Emotional care relates to how we manage our relationships and how we love and care for ourselves. Great ways to ensure you’re looking after yourself emotionally is to keep a journal of thoughts and feelings, letting go of your inner-critic and have a heart to heart chat with a close friend.
Spiritual care
This can be anything from practising being grateful through to prayer or meditation. It can also involve spending time in nature and being in the great outdoors, allowing you to focus on the non-material aspects of your life and appreciating them. Some ideas for spiritual self care are going for a walk in the countryside, reflecting on what you’re grateful for and doing something creative.
Mental care
Acts of self-care in this area can be activities that are based on your personal and professional development. Ways to tune into this are learning a new hobby or skill, doing some voluntary work or reading a great book or film.

The upshot of self care

The advantages of looking after yourself in every single capacity can make us feel re-centred and calm. Just some of the benefits are:

  • It can help us feel less stressed and more relaxed
    Taking the time to do things that relax us, such as taking a long, hot bath and surrounding yourself with candles, going for a leisurely walk or listening to relaxing music or a thought-provoking audio book, has the ability to help us feel more positive.
  • It can make us feel better about ourselves
    Making time to do what we enjoy and being kinder to ourselves can make us feel happier and more fulfilled. Research has found that people with higher self-esteem find it easier to deal with setbacks and are more likely to achieve any self-improvement goals they may have set themselves.
  • It can have a positive effect on our relationships
    If you are happier and healthier in yourself, then you’re more likely to approach your relationships with other people with this outlook and in this way too.

Brilliant simple self care ideas

You can create your own self care list by beginning with asking yourself questions such as:

  • How much time can I realistically dedicate to my self-care every day, week, month?
  • Do I find these actions truly worthwhile?
  • Have I tried anything in the past that I can build upon?

Here are some ideas to inspire your own self care list:

  1. Give yourself a manicure.
  2. Have a massage.
  3. Read a book or magazine for an hour.
  4. Have a nap.
  5. Order a takeaway.
  6. Look at the stars.
  7. Watch your favourite TV programme with no interruptions.
  8. Try a new hobby.
  9. Wear an outfit that makes you feel great.
  10. Go to bed early.
  11. Have a lie in.
  12. Write a list of 10 things you’re grateful for and why.
  13. Spend some time gardening.
  14. Buy yourself a treat when you shopping.
  15. Watch the sun as it rises or sets.
  16. Have a bath.
  17. Get your hair cut.
  18. Listen to your favourite songs.
  19. Chat to an old friend.
  20. Cook your favourite meal.

Following the government announcement regarding a second national lockdown, our centre is now closed apart from essential stores, takeaway food and beverages and click and collect, from November 5 until at least December 2.
But don’t forget, essential stores that remain open at Lakeside Village are B&M along with Holland & Barratt and Grape Tree. Read more about how we’re operating during this time.