Live Well, Sleep Well – Four tips for a peaceful night’s sleep

Thursday 8th October 2020

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Struggling to get a peaceful night’s sleep? Make restless nights a thing of the past with our top tips.
Sleep is vital to a person’s wellbeing for many reasons. Without a proper night’s rest, we can find ourselves experiencing a short temper and lack of focus, not to mention fatigue.
Eight hours of good quality sleep gives the body a crucial chance to repair itself and allows us to function properly during the day – which is essential to enable us to do all the things we love doing!
At this time of year, it’s also essential to get enough sleep to boost immunity, because extended periods of poor sleep can disrupt your immune system.
So, what can you do to help yourself doze off into sleepy wonderland?
1. Swap to a warmer duvet
If you still have a summer duvet on your bed, now’s the time to change it. With Autumn officially in full swing and the cold weather fast approaching, now is the perfect time to wrap up warm with a higher tog duvet. Store your lighter, summer one for next year.
2.Upgrade your bedding
Treating yourself to soft and sumptuous bedding can make the prospect of getting an early night much more inviting. At Lakeside Village, we have a number of stores,  Bedeck, Julian Charles and Christy, that offer top quality bed linen with luxurious fabrics at brilliant prices.
3. Control your exposure to light
Avoiding bright screens before bed can have a hugely positive impact on the quality of your sleep. Resisting the urge to use phones, tablets, TVs and computers which emit blue light will help you wind down – try putting them in another room.
4.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and stimulants
Our eating and drinking habits can dramatically impact sleep. Steering clear of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and sugary foods before going to sleep will help you drift off much more easily.