Do you sleep well? Top tips from our stores

Thursday 22nd October 2020

We all know when we’ve had a good night’s sleep as we feel rested, energised and ready to face the day.
For some people, we know that sleep is a real issue, it might be getting to sleep, having enough sleep or a deep enough sleep that is the problem. The impact on their day to day life is huge.
Consistent lack of sleep causes a short temper, exhaustion and a lack of focus, something most new parents will recognise!
Experts tell us that we need a good eight hours of sleep a night to give our body a chance to repair and be ready for the day ahead.
Routine is a really important factor in how well you sleep, for our team here at Lakeside that ranges from a cup of hot chocolate before bed and always having their head on the pillow by 10.30pm or a bath and then bed, whatever works for you, you’ll know how your sleep is impacted if you change your routine and stay up late or skip your normal wind down.
We’ve spoken to our stores to find out more about what can help you to get a good night’s sleep…
Our store team at Holland and Barratt suggest:

  • A nice hot drink: We know that not everyone can take herbal tablets due to the medication they are on. We find that a lot of our customers enjoy the benefits of our range of teas that contain chamomile and really help them to drift off.
  • Lavender: Lavender oil in the bath or a spray of lavender on your pillow can make a real difference and we find that many people who struggle to sleep are aided by the benefits of lavender
  • Magnesium: Research shows that a magnesium supplement can improve sleep quality and who wouldn’t want a better night’s sleep.

Making your bed space as cosy and welcoming as possible is also key to getting the zzzz’s you need… 

  • Swap to a warmer duvet: If you don’t feel warm enough in bed you are going to struggle to sleep. People often forget to change their duvet to a higher tog in winter and can find their sleep is disrupted.
  • Upgrade your bedding: Now, we know there is no evidence to suggest that a lovely looking bed is going to help you sleep better but who doesn’t love jumping into fresh sheets and a new bedding set.

The team at Bedeck store explain:
Our bedding is sleep tested by our ‘sleepologists’ who know great bedding when they sleep in it. They toss, they turn, they iron and they launder ensuring when are products are finally brought to you…we have perfected every last detail.