The Body Shop: How to Shape Eyebrows

Tuesday 19th May 2020

With beauty salons closed, many of us have had to get used to a bit of DIY when it comes to our beauty regimes. Here, The Body Shop shares some expert advice for shaping your own eyebrows.
Brows looking a little thin on the ground? Feeling a bit unruly? In need of some pow? With trends in eyebrow shapes leaning towards the bold but beautifully executed, achieving a natural but enhanced look can become tricky and time consuming.
Defined brows are essential though for framing your face and helping you express yourself. Follow our four simple steps to achieve your perfect eyebrow shape and discover which products can help you get the look that defines you.
How to shape your eyebrows…
Step 1: Map out your face
Hold your pencil vertically against the edge of your nostril. That’s where your brow should start. Then line up the edge of your nostril with the outer corner of your eye. That’s where your brow should end.
Step 2: Tweeze your strays
For the best eyebrow shape, take your tweezers and pluck any stray hairs between your brows, under the arch or on your temples. Try not to pluck too close to the brow or you’ll end up altering the shape.
Step 3: Select your coverage
Decide whether you’re going for basic, natural brows, full, power brows or expert brows with sharp definition. This will help you select the right product.
Step 4: Draw your outline and fill in the gaps
Define your brow shape. Fill in any gaps and give your brows a uniform color – the powder blender end of the Brow Sculpt or the Brow Kit powder are great for this!
Choose your eyebrow style…
Lightly and naturally defined brows with brow sport: 
Our Brow Sport felt tip pen is quick and easy to use in just one step, but gives a lasting look that won’t budge. It’s sweat-proof and smudge-proof so you can rock natural looking, shaped and defined brows all day long.
Step 1 – Apply in small strokes to perfectly blend with your eyebrows. Simple!

Bold and full power brows with our brow kit: 

Want full, bold brows that pow? The fine powder in our Brow Kit is great for gradually building up coverage and the two colours allow you to define and create depth for a high impact eyebrow shape.
Step 1 – Define your perfect eyebrow shape with the fine brush and powder.
Step 2 – Fill in the eyebrow shapes with the angled brush in the direction of hair growth for a bold finish.
Expertly defined and set brows with brow sculpt 
Looking to raise your eyebrow shaping game? This 3-in-1 contouring pen of our Brow Sculpt is suitable for beginners – it’s easy for shaping eyebrows at home but will help you achieve an expert look. Have fun experimenting with the triple-textured pen and trying out new looks, from natural and blended to volumised and bold. Get definition, colour and all-day wear. Feel the brow power!
Step 1 – Define your perfect eyebrow shape then fill in with the wax.
Step 2 – Smooth, blend and add dimension with the powder.
Step 3 – Add volume and set with the mascara.