Getting to know Baby Dinosaur!

Monday 11th May 2020

We’re so lucky to have enjoyed some wonderful partnerships with many businesses in and around Doncaster over the years. And one that has always stood out is Baby Dinosaurs, a nearly new, pre-loved quality children’s market. They had planned to hold an event at Lakeside Village in March, but due to the current coronavirus situation unfortunately had to cancel. However, we remain really excited about their visit which will be organised as soon as we can so, in the meantime we thought we would find out more about them! Here, in our latest guest blog, founder Lisa Hensby gives us the lowdown on everything that is Baby Dinosaur!
Baby Dinosaurs launched in July 2018, from an idea I had whilst pregnant with my first daughter. As we all know having a family can be very expensive, so finding a pre-loved market was a must. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything like that around here which resulting in me paying full price for everything we needed. But when I had my second child 16 months later, I just knew it was something that was really required for the local communities and the bones of Baby Dinosaur started to come to life!
I soon began creating Baby Dinosaurs as a nearly new, pre-loved quality children’s market to cater for maternity to 10 years old. The aim was to encourage families to recycle their unwanted items back into the community and also help local businesses gain sellers and exposure. Nearly two years later things have gone from strength to strength and here we are!
Helping local families
As part of the business, I wanted to ensure the heart of the company came down to supporting other local families in every way I could. So, I decided not only would I help families recycle their unwanted treasures back into the community, I would also contact and arrange meetings with local councils and children’s charities to discuss my idea of giving child related donations to local families who needed a little extra support. To my delight they were incredibly grateful and ensured that the donations would go to good homes.
After every market, stall holders have been extremely generous, which has meant we have been able to create age/gender appropriate bundles and give them to the local professional who then pass them on to grateful families. We have helped thousands of families in the area already and it is something I am incredibly proud of.
The future
In Doncaster we currently hold markets in Armthorpe, Thorne, Cantley, Moorends, Bawtry but we also cover lots of areas in north Lincolnshire. However, we are expanding and looking at new areas all the time as we have so much interest from the public. I was so lucky that Baby Dinosaurs markets are always sold out stalls and we have hundreds and hundreds of people attend for the hour and a half event.
I have had amazing and continued support from not only friends and family but from other businesses, and buyers and sellers too. Everyone has been so supportive. Some tell me it’s because people can see how passionate I am about the business and helping others! The aim after Covid 19, is to expand our areas, grow our team and host new exciting events in the area. And of, course, we can’t wait to visit Lakeside Village for our market as soon it is safe to do so.
For more information about Baby Dinosaur, please visit www.babydinosaurs.co.uk, on FaceBook @babydinosaurskids or email: [email protected]k