Top tips for keeping the kids entertained

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Many people are currently juggling the pressures of working from home with home schooling and generally keeping the kids occupied, not an easy task! Here, our marketing manager Abby Chandler, mum to Miles (12) and Leo (9), gives us some of her top tips for managing a family at home during this time.
Keep a routine
I’ve found it really helpful to keep a routine to the day. Currently, both myself and my husband are working from home so it has been really difficult to manage home schooling requirements as well as keep on top of our work commitments so we are definitely finding it a juggle! I make sure the boys are up, dressed and had breakfast ready to start the school day at 9am and I keep to school times. Both boys have a daily list of work they should be doing, and we meet in the kitchen at lunch and break times. I do think being realistic is helpful, no one is looking for perfection during this time. We’re all just doing our best whatever our circumstances.
Keep active
Keeping the body and mind active is really important. During the day, our schedule has a break for PE. Joe Wicks’ 30-minute daily PE lesson has fitted in really well although sometimes we do it on catch up instead of live at 9am. We are lucky enough to have a big enough garden with a trampoline and space to play football which gives the boys a chance to get a bit of fresh air during the day. At weekends we walk from our house once a day mainly for a change of scenery.
Play board games
This unique situation has meant we find the time to play games as a family. My favourite game growing up was Town & Country where you have a list of different things, someone chooses a letter and you have to come up with an answer that starts with the letter. This is an easy game and one that we can now play with the grandparents via video calls. We’ve dug all the board games out of the cupboard and play something different every night, we love Cluedo and Labyrinth.
Watch family films
We love family film-time, we’ve subscribed to Disney+ and are enjoying a great selection of films although we have to take it turns to choose! Leo and I love likes animations and musicals, whilst Richard and Miles like Avengers and action films. It’s really got me thinking about which films we could put on at Lakeside Village’s Summer Nights Cinema. Let us know if you have a favourite!
Use technology to keep in touch
We’re doing everything we can to keep in touch with our friends, family and work colleagues. Leo still has a drama and singing lesson once a week by the magic of Zoom which brings a bit of normality to the week for him. We’ve even managed to get the grandparents online and we have a video catch up once a week. It really does make a difference and gives us all a boost to see and chat to family members.