Looking After Your Skin With The Body Shop

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Looking after your well being is more important than ever in these testing times with your skin quick to show signs of stress and strain. The Body Shop have created a blog all about your skin type to help you identify your skin type and highlight the products that would help keep your skin to be the best it can be.  We hope you find the blog interesting reading and look forward to welcoming you back to our store soon.
Your skin type is unique to you. Because your skin type is as individual as you are, The Body Shop have got a range of skin care tips and advice to help you understand your skin type and products to help you take care of it.
Understanding Your Skin
It’s not perfect, but that won’t stop us feeling proud of the skin we’re in. Whether your face is constantly thirsty, prone to breakouts or you could set your watch by that 4pm shine, your skin presents patterns, not problems. Whatever it does, own it. We’ll help you work with it.
How to identify your skin type
Your skin is as unique as you are, but broadly it will fall into one of these four types: oily, combination, dry and normal. Want to know yours? Wash your face, wait an hour, then check in with your skin for these telling signs:
T-Zone come out to play every day at 4pm, no matter how much make-up you dust on? Welcome to the oily skin club. It means your skin’s loaded with moisture – great for guarding against dryness – but perhaps you notice your pores a little more around the nose, chin and forehead, or a few blackheads and pimples in these areas too.
Dab your T-Zone. Does it feel a little oilier than the skin on your cheeks? Maybe breakouts huddle in this area too, while the rest of your face tends to be clear. This iconic duo is known as combination skin. It can take a little more time to fall into balance, but when you find what works for you, you can enjoy the benefits of two skin types rather than one.
If you’ve been fighting the urge to reach for the moisturiser since you stepped out the shower, or areas feel tight, rough or flaky, it’s highly likely you have dry skin, especially if you react quickly to environmental triggers like sunlight or wind.
“Normal” here is just another word for “balanced”, so when it comes to oil and moisture, your skin sits bang in the middle: neither particularly greasy nor particularly dry. Normal skin can still experience the occasional dry patch or breakout, but overall, it’s pretty tolerant to whatever you, or the weather, throw at it.