Keeping your pet happy

Friday 3rd April 2020

Owning a much-loved pet is another important element to think about during this unprecedented time. In our latest blog, deputy centre manager Lyndsey Parry, answers our Q&A about how she is making sure she meets the needs of her beloved dog, Gus.
Q1. We know you are an animal lover Lyndsey but tell us about your pet and what he brings to your life. Yes I am. I have had my dog Gus for nearly two years, he is a liver and white Springer Spaniel. We didn’t have a dog growing up so I wasn’t sure how I would feel but I am shocked at how fast they can worm their way into your heart and how much you can love and feel for them. He brings so much love and company to me, we regularly have a cuddle on the sofa. His cute little face makes me smile again, which is particularly important during these tough times.
Q2. How have the recent events impacted on what you do with your dog – have your routines changed? Totally! Gus is loving the changes as he gets so much more attention now that we are at home all day. In terms of routine, we are still walking him every day but just taking him on longer walks, instead of smaller more frequent ones, to make sure we stick to the rules which are so important at the moment.
Q3. Do you have any tips for keeping an active dog happy? We take Gus to the fields and woods where he loves to run free and chase birds. I like to run so I’ve just purchased a dog running belt, so he can accompany me and we can do our daily exercise together some days – he loves it.
Q4.  Does Lakeside Village cater for dogs and do you have any more exciting future plans where dogs are concerned? We are really proud at Lakeside Village to be a dog-friendly centre and we absolutely love to see furry friends as we walkabout on the mall. Currently, 26 of our retail outlets allow dogs into their store. And yes, we have lots of exciting plans coming up including to build a dog-friendly social space, where doggy owners can get together and interact and relax over a coffee either whilst they are waiting for someone or if they would just like a quick break from shopping.
 Q5. How are you juggling the demands of home life with work? The management team are all working from home, as work still needs to be done despite the centre closing. We still have to keep things safe, check-in with security daily, pay Lakeside Village’s bills and of course plan for when we reopen which we are all so looking forward to.
 Q6. What are you most looking forward to most about the centre reopening when safe to do so? I can’t wait to get back to normality, I love working at Lakeside Village especially working with the team. We are like one big family. To our lovely, loyal customers I’d just like to say that it is difficult time for everyone at the moment but please make sure you are all looking after yourselves We can’t wait to have you all back at the centre shopping! I know it’s tough missing loved ones but keep communicating, exercising and having fun wherever you can. Together we will get through this.