Deputy centre manager Lyndsey Parry, gives us an insight into recycling at home

Monday 2nd March 2020

This March, Lakeside Village is going green in a bid to reduce its impact on the environment.
Throughout the ‘Go Green Month’ the centre’s management team will also be sharing their experiences and thoughts about environmental care outside of the workplace.
 Here, deputy centre manager Lyndsey Parry, gives us an insight into recycling at home:
“When it comes to recycling, I believe everyone should be doing their bit.
“It can be challenging, of course, to get started and to learn what can and can’t be recycled when you’re new to it – but once you’re in the swing of things, it’s an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment and play your part.
“Personally, I try and recycle everything I can at home – from plastic bottles to cardboard and glass. I really, really try to be good!
“I have a special recycling basket in the kitchen that I have to empty almost every day. It’s scary to see how much waste we produce just as a two-person household, and I can only imagine what a large family would produce. Such a huge amount of it, however, can and should be recycled.
“In my role at Lakeside Village I carry this belief, too. We work with our retailers and suppliers to minimise waste wherever possible and recycle everything we can.
“Our recycling rate at the centre currently stands at 77 percent, with some 219 tonnes of waste recycled during 2019 alone – and we’re pledging to increase this to 80% during the next 2 months.
“Whether it’s at work or at home, we all need to do our bit to save and support the environment and recycling is a great, easy way to do this.”
‘Go Green Month’ takes place at Lakeside Village throughout March, with a number of activities and initiatives set to happen across the centre. For further information, click here.