Ten Things You Should Know About Preparing for Veganuary 2020

Monday 6th January 2020

Grape Tree offer a great range of health foods and wellbeing products offering you value, quality and choice in store. Grape Tree have put together the ten things you should know about preparing for Veganury this January.
Since 2014, Veganuary has been inspiring meat-eaters to give veganism a go. With the hope that it’ll educate people of the benefits of leading a plant-powered lifestyle, the challenge has grown in popularity since it began. With even more foods, products and supplements available to help make the change, it’s easier than ever.
If you’re already considering taking part in, then we don’t need to tell you why Veganuary has positive effects on your health, wellbeing and the environment, so instead, we’ve put together our ten top tips to help you get ready for Veganuary 2020.

1. Read up on protein

One of the most common worries from non-vegans is that it’ll be difficult to get enough protein in your diet – but that’s not the case. Before you get started with Veganuary, take time to research the protein contents of vegetables, beans and pulses that you know you already love. You’re probably including protein-rich veggies like green peas, spinach, sweetcorn and asparagus in your diet, but use this an opportunity to try new things like lima beans, soybean sprouts and artichokes, which are great for protein too.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time.

Minimise the likelihood of you reaching for non-vegan meals and snacks by planning and prepping for the week ahead. We’ve got a broad range of main, dessert, treat and snack recipes on our website that are perfect and simple to make, and can inspire you to develop your own dishes. If you’re looking for ingredients to get you started, you can order from our website’s vegan selection.

3. Adapt your favourite dishes.

If you’re slightly daunted by having to learn new recipes then start with small changes to meals you already know and adore. Simple swaps can make mealtimes feel familiar and increase the chances of you carrying on some of your Veganuary habits in the future. For example, if you enjoy scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, change things up with crumbled seasoned tofu and serve up with tomato (or a bacon substitute) on the side.

4. Don’t do it alone – get the family involved.

Having to cook separate meals for the family doubles your workload. Get your family involved and encourage them to eat vegan too – not only will the support make it easier for you, but you can introduce your loved ones to new foods and dishes too.

5. Non-vegan cravings do subside.

Cravings are going to happen as a non-vegan diet will have conditioned your body and taste buds to be used to certain foods, flavours and textures. Don’t panic though, these will subside over time – just stay strong and tuck into some vegan treats instead!

6. Supplement your body.

Although supplements shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and diet, they can help keep your body healthy as you make your Veganuary transition. As you may be new to balancing your meals, you could be missing out on essential nutrients, but once you’ve been doing it a while it becomes second nature. Make sure you’re getting all the iron, vitamin B12 and calcium you need with supplement support.

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip.

Don’t forget that a small slip up it doesn’t need to derail your Veganuary efforts. You may be tempted to write the whole day off and eat what you like, but this can easily spiral. So if you do make a mistake, draw a line underneath it and carry on.

8. Veganuary is more than just the food you eat.

You may be challenging yourself to eat vegan-friendly foods, but a vegan lifestyle goes beyond your diet. If you’re interested in leading a true vegan life then you’ll need to check things such as beauty products, alcohol and even some materials like leather too.

9. See it as trying new things, not depriving yourself.

Go into Veganuary with the mindset that you’re opening up new possibilities, rather than seeing it as a punishment or that you’re ‘doing without’. Staying positive and recognising the potential of a new lifestyle and choices beyond Veganuary will hopefully keep you on track.

10. Find trusted vegan suppliers.

Although you may have your favourite supermarket on hand to keep you supplied with all the fresh veggies and non-vegan substitutes for your day-to-day diet, make it easier for yourself and stock up on vegan supplements, wholefoods, confectionery, tea and beauty products in one place. At Grape Tree, we stock a broad selection of vegan products to keep you fuelled this Veganuary.