Bedeck’s National Bed Month top tips for choosing new bedding

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Bedeck Juma bed pattern design

Our bedding experts at Bedeck share their five top tips for things to to consider when choosing new bedding
It’s National Bed Month and we are celebrating by bringing you some advice from the bedding experts at Bedeck. Follow these five tips to make sure you get the perfect new bedding!
1.Match up!
 When you’re choosing new bedding it’s good advice to consider your current bedroom decoration and the colour scheme you have there. Matching these up will give your room that extra consistency which looks great. It’s difficult though and sometimes you can know your walls are blue, get to the shop and completely forget which shade. What’s the answer then? Sometimes customers bring in samples of their wallpaper and carpet to be able to see the colours next to each other. Another option if you can’t get hold of samples is to take photos, but make sure the room is well lit beforehand!
2.Material matters
 Another aspect to consider is the composition of the bed linen itself. Different types offer varying benefits and it’s down to each customer what appeals to them the most. So if you are after something which is easy to care for then a poly/cotton mix could be for you. On the other hand, cotton can offer a really cool and crisp feeling which some people love. It’s all down to taste!
3.Make the measurements
 It sounds obvious but it’s really important to know exactly what size your duvet is. Amid all the excitement, some people get to the shop and can’t remember! The difference between a double and a king could mean perfectly fitted bedding or excess material getting in the way. It’s also worth making a note of how deep your mattress is too, as sheets come in different depths and there is great satisfaction in having a perfectly fitted sheet.
4.Rain or shine?
 The time of year can be a big factor when buying bedding. During the warmer summer months people prefer light weight, low tog duvets and breathable cotton. That way you avoid overheating and enduring those hot sleepless nights. Then in winter you can go for extra layers, higher tog duvets and brushed cotton to trap air, keep in heat and make for a toasty warm and comfortable night’s sleep.
5.Curtain consistency
 We mentioned that consistent décor in a room is a really nice touch, so why stop at matching your bedding to your carpet and walls? Curtains are a prominent part of any room and the added consistency that comes from matching these with everything else could be the golden touch to achieve perfection. So, if you do want to get a matching curtain set with your bedding then make sure you measure up beforehand so you know what size you want.
And with that, your work is done! You have a gorgeous room with matching decoration and bedding ready to keep you comfortable whatever the weather. All that’s left for you now is to enjoy it!