Store Spotlight: Double Two

Monday 5th November 2018

Our Store Spotlight this week is focused firmly on Double Two – the iconic British shirt-makers and home to a fantastic range of both men’s and women’s work wear and leisurewear.
The brand was established in 1940 and it’s a little known fact that Double Two brought the world the very first polyester shirt.
Nowadays, here at Lakeside Village, you can find a great variety of men’s formal shirts, ties, cuff links and casual shirts, as well as ladies blouses, dresses and accessories such as scarves and handbags.
The store also stocks various big-name concessions, including Lambretta, Regatta, Saloos, Annabelle, Chiltern Bags, Just Elegance, ME Knitwear and More Classics.
Here’s a sneak peek inside the store: Double Two