Store Spotlight: Ben Sherman

Thursday 5th July 2018

In the next of our Store Spotlight features, we chat to Claire Heggarty, store manager at Ben Sherman.
Hi Claire, how long you’ve worked at Ben Sherman at Lakeside Village?
I’ve been here just over a year, since the store opened and it has been great to be here from the start.
What is your favourite thing about the store?
The customers we get and the Ben Sherman heritage. Everyone knows the Ben Sherman brand, they grew up with it and people come into the store and share their memories about it. They are really passionate about the brand and that is great.
What is your current favourite item for sale in the store?
This track top, I love it, it’s great value, a great fit and is perfect for this time of year. It is proving really popular with our customers.
What do you like most about Lakeside Village?
I love the relaxed atmosphere at Lakeside Village, the customers are fantastic and we get to know the other stores and there teams really well.
It’s a great place to work and a fantastic place to shop.