Wednesday 7th February 2018


Pancake Day rolls around this year on Tuesday 13 February and gives you a chance to celebrate true love this month. Here are a few small but vital tips from ProCook which can help you achieve pancake perfection.
1) Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
When it comes to cooking pancakes, preparation is key. You will need a good, non-stick pan. There’s no debating that. If you don’t then you risk fractured pancakes, failed flips and probably tears. When you’re using it, you also need to make sure the pan is hot before you drop the batter in. It should be hot enough for the batter to turn brown on the underside in around 30 seconds.
2) Batter up!
You can’t go far wrong with a classic Yorkshire pudding-style batter of flour, eggs and milk. Some people do like to mix it up a bit though. Citrus zest, buttermilk and vanilla extract have all been suggested as possible additions. It really is each to their own at this point so if you feel like it, have a play around with some different mixtures and see what works for you!
One suggestion we do like though is to mix a bit of butter or oil – about one tablespoon is plenty – in the batter to help it not stick when you get it into the pan.
As for the flour, if you can plan it in advance then it works well to tailor your batter depending on whether the pancakes will be savoury or sweet. Stick to wholemeal for the main meal and reserve white for the sweet stuff.
3) Flipping perfect
Here we are, at the main event. While flipping is not technically a necessity, it’s just good fun to give it a go and show off in front of your adoring fans (presuming you get it right). Getting the perfect flip requires patience to make sure you’ve got the base free from the clutches of the pan, soft wrists and a strong mental state. Many have fallen at this hurdle before but, if you stay focussed and don’t let the pressure get to you, there is absolutely no reason why this can’t be your moment in the spotlight.
4) Find your filling
Another contentious moment in the pancake preparation cycle here. Traditionalists and experimenters can become fiercely divided at this point. To some, a simple savoury cheese filling will be a symphony of simplicity, while others will call it boring and basic. Sweet pancakes can come alive for some with a thick dollop of melted Thorntons chocolate or even a sprinkling of sweet treats from Cadbury . For others it’s all about the good old lemon juice.
Our advice? Stick to your guns and go with what you love.
5) Enjoy!
So now your work is done. All that’s left to do is roll that culinary delight up, get your hands involved and dig in. Shrove Tuesday only comes round once a year so make sure you savour it. You’ve earned it.