Save £’s while you lose lbs at Lakeside Village

Monday 8th January 2018

Here are our top tips on hitting the ground running and becoming a fitter, healthier and happier you in 2018.
Plan, Plan, and Plan 
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Be sure to pack your kit and make sure you have everything you need for a super successful work out.
That should include:

  • A bottle of water, keeping you fully hydrated
  • A towel to wipe away the sweat (…or tears)
  • Comfortable gym kit  – The right gym kit can give you the ultimate confidence boost
  • A pair of trainers – whether you’re running, weight lifting or exercising outdoors make sure you have the right footwear
  • Gym bag – To pack it all away
  • Fitness watch  – Keep track of your goals with a device that monitors your activity
  • Headphones – not a necessity but a nice to have

Why not visit Sports Direct? They have exclusive discounts across many leading sports brands making sure that you’re fully prepared and looking the part.
Embrace The Outdoors
Chances are you’re not alone when it comes to improving your fitness at the start of the New Year. If you’re not a fan of super packed gyms then why not step outdoors?
Wind, rain or shine the whole family can enjoy a walk out and Trespass has all the right gear (and the right prices) no matter what the weather.
Make the most of the discounts at Tog24 & Mountain Warehouse – they can also help with your fitness quest with everything you need for some outdoor fitness.
The fresh air is almost certainly going to help clear away any cobwebs helping you to feel invigorated.
You can make it social and take a walk with friends or have some “me time’ and enjoy a solo walk – either way getting outdoors is going to do nothing but good.
And if all else fails… we all know that shopping is the best cardio! Make the most of our offers and pay us a visit.
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